Suzy Chan tells her compelling story of dealing with breast cancer and other difficulties of life, and how she used Tai Chi to aid in her recovery. Where most people can only speak in general terms of how Tai Chi is beneficial for health, she has had direct experience and tells specifically how it helped her. This book is both inspirational and practical with the advice she gives to those dealing with breast cancer.

Shelly Durrell, author
Healing the Fisher King: Spiritual Lessons with Parzival, Gump, the Grail, Tao, and Star Wars

The Tai Chi exercise program is beneficial for you both physically and mentally. It is an exercise program for relaxation, increasing concentration, improving your circulation, toning the body, and ensuring your overall health. This slow, relaxed, flowing approach helps people of all ages to improve their physical condition, decrease fatigue, and develop endurance.

By practicing Tai Chi daily, your concentration, coordination, flexibility, and balance will improve over a period of time. Those who suffer from back pain, arthritis, sleeplessness, osteoporosis, bad posture, or high blood pressure will find this exercise program very beneficial.

Tai chi is an exercise program that is excellent for the mature adults seeking a softer exercise program.

Contact: Seminars, lectures, interviews, and lessons on Tai Chi may be arranged by contacting Suzy Chan at the address below.

Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple
851 N Goldenrod Rd, Orlando FL 32807
407-275-6177 or 407-281-0130
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